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Tourism Lillooet

Rebrand / Brand Collateral

Lillooet is a small BC community that sits on the bank of the mighty Fraser River, nestled where the towering Coast Mountains descend and become the sunny valleys of the Okanagan. Often one of the hottest places in Canada, Lillooet is well known for its sunshine, clear skies, and pristine glacial lakes.


In the 1860’s, Lillooet grew to be the largest settlement in British Columbia and became “Mile Zero” of the historic Cariboo Road that led miners and settlers deeper into Northern BC. With its rich history and breathtaking scenery in every direction, Lillooet continues to be a great place to start an adventure. The new brand encapsulates the spirit of exploration that defines this rugged landscape and the charming allure of a day in the sun. 

Project from Connect Media

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